Nick’s first words were ‘More Cheese’. When he isn’t busy consuming a creamy dill havarti, or a smoked gouda, you will find him writing code.

Nick holds a PhD in Distributed Software for Mobile Devices form the VU University Amsterdam, a masters in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems from the same school, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona. He has been involved with projects for distributed decision support, cloud and mobile integration, context management and sensing using mobile devices, data management and synchronization, computation and communication offloading to cloud resources, as well as several distributed multi-player games.

Nick also has extensive industry experience, having worked at several small startups. He has worked at all levels of the stack from hacking on the internals of an embedded Java virtual machine, and porting to various real-time embedded operating systems, to middle-ware for the cable billing industry, to front-end applications and servers for traders in fixed income derivatives, not to mention various websites.

In addition to raw engineering talent, Nick also likes to think he has an eye for design, a strong sense of industry trends, and natural leadership skills. When he isn’t busy with coding for money he loves to cook and to practice Ving Tsun Kung Fu, which we suggest you don’t ask him about, unless you have some time to spare.